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Loy Pela Voyages
A Journey of Time in Untold Splendour on A River Cruise in Bangkok

Experience heartfelt hospitality as you cruise down the historic River of Kings. Loy Pela Voyages Bangkok river cruise offers a unique way to experience the charms of Thailand, which is blessed by abundant nature, food, culture, and history. We invite our guests on a sublime journey through time on our cruises that connect the vibrant modern characteristics of Bangkok with the fascinating rich history of the old capital Ayutthaya.

Special Offers
Wine & Dine
Thai Signature Dinner
An ultimate dining experience with a Thai Michelin star menu, served on the first evening, followed by world class menus using the freshest ingredients make dining a highlight of the journey.
Other menu
Inspired by the culture, experiences and the destinations along the journey, the team of celebrated chefs choose the freshest ingredients and create menus that bring you on a tantalizing culinary adventure.